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Top 5 Haunted Savannah Pubs

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Savannah is known for several things; ghosts, good brews, and historic charm. These three things are all rolled up in one in our Haunted Pubs and Clubs, and on our Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl, you get the chance to discover them!

This is our list of the top 5 Haunted Savannah Pubs.

5. McDonough’s Pub

This is where our Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl begins! The lot was given to the Unitarian society in 1831 and later was purchased by Theodore Meeves in 1861. Meeves opened a curiosity shop where he had strange plants and animals on display. He also held bear fights in the back alley, and yes, with a live bear! Theodore moved the curiosity shop down the street a little ways after the death of his daughter. The building was then bought by Julius Kook who turned it into a grocery store. In 1987, Billy Lee purchased the building and turned into the pub we know and love today! Join us on a Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl to discover the many ghost that haunt this building!

4. The 17 Hundred 90 Inn

The 17 Hundred 90 Inn is one of the oldest hotel we visit on our Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl, as well as one of the cities oldest. It was built in 1820 by a man named Steel White. The 17 Hundred 90 Inn and tavern is a popular spot with Ghost Hunters because of it’s most famous ghost, Anna. She was said to have been a servant at the Inn, who fell in love with a German sailor. Unfortunately, the sailor did not love her back, so Anna flung herself from the third floor window falling to the bricks below. Join us on a Savannah Pub Tour and find out what happened next!

3. Six Pence Pub

A unique stop on our Savannah Pub Tours, the Six Pence Pub has a subterranean basement, which is unusual in Historic Downtown Savannah. Stories from this old English style pub include plates spinning on their own, a gumball machine dispensing it’s contents with no outside help, strange cold spots, and a past owner making his presence known to this day! It is also the sight of a scene in the movie Something to Talk About, starring Julia Roberts!

2 Tondees Tavern

This building dates all the way back to 1853 and was once used by the Central Railway and Banking on the ground floor. The upper floor was the office of Joseph Bryan, a well known slave broker during his time. He had slave pens located just outside the building, in the alleyway. During the Civil War, the building was occupied by Union General John Geary. There are reports of ghostly footsteps and phantom lights in Tondees Tavern.

1. Moon River Brewery

One of the most famous Haunted Pubs on Haunted Savannah Ghost Crawls is the Moon River Brewery. It was made famous by the Ghost Adventures television show. The building was originally built in 1821 as the City Hotel by Elazer Early. In 1864, after an increase in violence at the hotel, it closed as the Union Army was advancing through Georgia. In the Spring of 1832, a duel broke out between James Stark and Dr. Phillip Minis. The Doctor walked into the bar and claimed he saw Stark draw a gun. Minus shot Stark was was tried for murder, but was acquitted. Now known as one of Savannah Most Haunted Pubs, the Moon River Brewery has many ghost, including that of, what people claim, is a demon haunting the second and third floors.

So, join us on a Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl to learn more on these stories and others!

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