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St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

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What is St. Patrick’s Day?

We at Savannah Pub Tours enjoy it when Savannah, the hostess city, goes green every March 17. With one of the largest parades in the country Savannah’s St Patrick’s Day Parade is now in the 190th year. How did it all began? In the fifth century, a 16 year old boy who would become St. Patrick was kidnapped and sold into slavery. For six years, Patrick was held captive in Ireland. During this time he learned the Celtic language, which helped him bring Christianity to the Irish. He traveled throughout Ireland for more than two decades spreading his message from town to town.

History has made him a legend. He has been credited with driving the snakes out of Ireland,due to the fact that Ireland broke of the continent at the end of the Ice Age, many say ther were never any snakes. This is likely a metaphor for his abolishment of paganism. Legend says that, in order to explain this the concept of Trinity to the Irish, St. Patrick plucked a shamrock from the ground. He pointed to each leaf in turn,teaching the ides of the Father,Son, and the Holy Ghost. Therefore the symbol of the shamrock is closely tied with St. Patrick and the land of Erin.

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

The Irish word for shamrock is seamrog, which means “little clover”.And though it has a reputation for good luck, the four leaf clover is not a symbol of either Ireland or St Patrick’s Day. In fact, it has roots in pagan beliefs. Tradition dicates that celebrants wear a shamrock in their hat on March 17. But we at Savannah Pub Tours have noticed that the shamrock and the wearing of green is a wide spread tradition. It is showing up all over from t-shirts, hats sunglasses, shoes and face painting among others.

The first public procession was in 1824, James Hunter, the local Hibernian Society president, invited all local Irishmen to meet for mass and a parade through the streets of Savannah, thus a parade was born.
Savannah has become known for its St. Patrick’s Parade and celebration. The town is bustling with tourist and locals alike. So come to the celebration and join Savannah Pub Tours on March 17 in Savannah, where the water runs green and we are all Irish.

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