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Savannah’s Irish Pubs

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The city of Savannah is known for many things like the Spanish moss hanging from the low limbs of trees or its many bars. When it comes to Savannah Pub Tours we are here to help you learn about the places that you may not have visited before but will after you finish reading. Just from walking the streets of this beautiful city you may notice all types of flags hanging from pubs. You may notice one flag in particular that seems to stick out the most and that would be the Irish flag.

Irish in Savannah

When the Irish immigrants came across the pond in the nineteenth century many were poor and in need of jobs do the great potato famine. In order to keep their minds off of all the discrimination and hard times they had to endure they would gather at Irish pubs to have a sense of peace. When you go on our Savannah Pub Tours you will be able to visit some of these great Irish pubs.

McDonough’s Pub

Our first stop and meeting spot on our Savannah Pub Tours just happens to be a great Irish bar known as Mcdonough’s Pub. Here you can enjoy a nice mix of Ireland and the south by getting a Trojan horse which is half Guinness and half Coca Cola. McDonough’s is known to be the best karaoke bar in town where you can sing Irish folk songs or hits of today. When you want to just kick back and relax you can just move upstairs to the lounge where you can listen to the piano while enjoying a great martini.

O’Connell’s Irish Pub

Another stop that we will be hitting is O’Connell’s Irish Pub. This may be one of the smaller pubs in Savannah but has a lot to bring to the table. When you walk into O’Connell’s you will first notice all of the Irish decorations covering the walls such as coats of arms and pictures of the mother land. One drink in particular that is a house favorite is the Pickle back which is a shot of whisky followed by pickle brine.

These two pubs are just many great pubs Savannah Pub Tours will take you to and enjoy. Savannah is enriched in many types of cultures. We plan to give you the best experience you have in Savannah while also enjoying great drinks and even better people. We hope that when you take out tour not only will you take away great moments with friends but a little Irish culture as well.

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