Savannah Pub Tours on Labor Day

Labor Day in Savannah

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Labor Day is a great time to take a Savannah Pub Tour!

What is Labor Day

America has been known as one of the hardest working developed countries in the world. Americans average annual hours logged in a year is nearly 1800 hours per year. We are also one of the only countries that do not guarantee paid vacation and sick days. Thankfully to Matthew Maguire who was the secretary for the Central Labor Union of New York back in 1882 we have Labor Day. It can also be argued that it was a gentleman named Peter J. McGuire who worked for the American Federation of Labor.

Labor Day was first recognized by the state of Oregon in 1887. It wasn’t until 1897 that Labor Day was made a federal holiday. Labor Day was originally meant to be a parade celebrating the strength and dedication of the American worker. Unfortunately it took the tragedy of the Pullman Strike for the United States Congress to push Labor Day to become a national holiday. President Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a national holiday six days after the strike.

Now in the United States Labor day has turned into one of the biggest retail sales days right behind black Friday. Which can come as ironic because that means that workers will be working even longer hours on Labor Day? Labor Day also marks many occasions such as the start of football season for college. In case you might not have known also on Labor Day high society believes that it’s the last day you can wear white clothing.

This Labor Day . Savannah Pub Tour hopes that you can look back and see the struggles the American worker has had to go through to lead us to a better American work force. We might be one of the hardest worked labor forces but we are a proud work force. If it wasn’t for the American workers we could have never had the impact we had in WWII. That is what makes us great because we step up in times of need and get the job done thanks to the workers in America. So join us on a Savannah Pub Tour and celebrate what makes America Great!

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