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The Haunted 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Pub

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17 Hundred 90: a stop on our Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl

One our most famous stops on our Savannah Pub Tours is the 1790 Inn. At a shady corner of East President and Lincoln streets in Savannah near the old Colonial Park Cemetery. The vintage Federal-style buildings are said to be built on the foundations of older ones going back to the 1790’s, the name also recalls an early Savannah Inn. The restaurant walls are old brick, with the original wide beams and flagstone flooring. The new structure was built about 1820 for Steele White, a prominent Savannah merchant, shortly after marriage to Anna Matthews Guerard.

It’s Resident Spirits

The guest on the Savannah Pub Tours are intrigued by the two resident feminine presences. The first and most famous is a girl named Anna. It is said that she fell in love with a seafaring men,and threw herself over a third floor balcony into the courtyard below as the sails dipped out of sight down the Savannah River toward the sea. One family is said to have seen her sitting one day in “a light, long dress.” on the portico of the old home. Others told of unoccupied chairs rocking, windows opening and closing, and the old stairs creaking as with feminine footsteps.

Suicide and Voodoo?

Chris Jurgensensen, a former owner of the restaurant and inn, says that he use to sense Anna when he would go in on Sunday afternoons to work. He would hear footsteps
in empty rooms, the toilet flushing with no one there… just the feeling, too,of not being alone.
Another former owner, Diane Greenfield Smith, says she does not believe in ghost, yet she also felt a sensation like a cold wind pass by,several times when she sat alone in the bar area. Everyone on the Savannah Pub Tour eagerly wait to see if they can get a glimpse of Anna.
The second presence is an African American cook, a big, aggressive women from about the 1850’s, who wears several bracelets (which the staff will hear jingling) and does not want another women in her kitchen. She is really very unpleasant and the help is afraid of her… I would also say she was quite involved in voodoo.

So join us on a tour with Savannah Pub Tours and discover more mysteries that hides behind the walls of the 1790 Inn.

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